Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ben Bellamy (Guest Blogger- Saturday May 30)

Hey there followers of Wooster in Trinibago. This is Ben Bellamy reporting on the events happening on May 30th 2009. Well on this Saturday my goal was to make it out on the water in a kayak. I had started the quest earlier in the week researching where to get one. So since this was our first free day I was ready and rearing to go. I scrounged up a crew of others, Emily, Larkin, Heidi, and Trip to venture out with me.
As I went into Charlottville to get the boats, I discovered that no one was around at the shop, Tobago Kayak Experience. I was deeply disappointed. So, I went to find some locals who might know what the situation was or how to get another kayak. It just so happened that the first person I asked was in fact deaf, making the situation extremely awkward for both of us. So naturally the woman across the room called me over to see what it was I wanted. She just so happened to be an albino, but had good information none the less. She gave me the phone number of the shop owner and I finally got a hold of him.
We ended up renting two tandem kayaks and one single; Heidi and Emily in one, Trip and Larkin in the other, and me in the single. As we were starting our adventure it started to rain, but Peter, the shop owner, assured us that this would not hamper our excursion in the slightest. As we set off the rain lessened to a mist and it was a perfect overcast sky. I was happy for these weather conditions because it was not blistering heat or sun.
We paddled up the leeward coast towards the island that looked so tempting from our beach. The water on the inland side of the island was shallow enough to scrape paddles on, but quickly dropped out of site. Team dynamics seemed to be working well till Trip wanted to try a bit of snorkeling from the boat. Larkin would not let any exiting happen for safety reasons. This was probably a good idea.
At this point I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my rudder, so I called everyone over and we rode ashore on one of the many remote beaches. I stopped and adjusted my petals. Trip and I then went to work on repairing the broken rudder on his boat. With the use of a piece of rope we found on the beach, we jimmy rigged the cable system to a prime working condition. We then shoved of to continue the quest.
After a bit more paddling, and a slight run aground on a rock, the ocean started to get the best of our stomachs. We began our paddle back to the shore back around the island and through the bay. Just next to the island a small hawksbill turtle poked its head up, and a school of tuna swam beneath my boat. As we pulled into the bay I considered going off to explore Pirates Bay since I was still feeling great and full of energy, but being alone in the ocean was not that appealing to me. We dropped off our boats and made our way back to the cottages. It was a completely successful trip.
Later that night we found out that the Coral Cay cottage was having a party after a week of hard diving. Apparently the theme was “anything but clothes”. What this meant was we were to make an outfit out of anything that was not a real article of clothing. The high light costumes were made of anything from curtains, to pillow cases, to class notes. It was a great time socializing with our neighbors, getting to know them and what they were doing. Friendships were made, and good times were had. It was a very eventful and satisfying day.

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