Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday May 26

Because of the sea turtle adventures of last night, class didn’t start until 1pm today. Almost everyone took this opportunity to sleep in and take a dip in the ocean. Chase and Larken are both reading Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” and use most free minutes to get a few more pages read. If you are familiar with the book you probably understand- it can be really hard to put down.
Our field trip for the day was to the Doctor’s River where we were searching for glass frogs and the Bloody Bay Poison frog (not poisonous- just incase you were worried). No luck finding the glass frog (named such because you can actually see through its translucent skin and watch its heart beat), but we did catch a few of the others.
After the trip we made a drive over to Speyside (the next town over) and met up with Andy. Before I continue the story, I should give you a little background on our friend Andy. I may have mentioned before he is the “King of Fruits” (self-titled by himself of course) and is quite friendly. He tries to be helpful, but the more we have gotten to know him, he is probably something akin to the town drunk. Well-meaning I think, but maybe not quite all there all the time. Anyways, Dr. L ran into Andy earlier in the day and he told us his cousin played the steel pans (local music here) every night over in Speyside. All we had to do was drive there, show up near the beach and we would be able to listen to him for free and get a taste of the sound. Well, unfortunately the insight of Andy being the town drunk didn’t occur until after we took his advice for this, So, we drove into Speyside and went to the place he told us. No one was there. We drove around a little more and Andy jumped into the road and flagged us down. Dr. L and Andy drove around all of Speyside for about 45 minutes. Finally they come back and Dr. L says to head to this little building and people will be playing shortly (apparently Andy and him and been driving around trying to find people to play). What felt like an hour or more later, the music finally started. It was beautiful and I think we all enjoyed it, but it turned out to be so much more time and effort than Andy made it sound initially. We thought the trip would maybe take an hour and we would be on the beach and watch steel pans in the distance. Instead, three hours later, standing in a huddle inside a building, we finally heard some steel pan. Oh Andy- King of Fruits- always an adventure!

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