Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heidi Guest Blogging for Thursday June 4th

Thursday June 4, 2009

This morning everyone woke up relatively early because we wanted to walk around town, the beach, and take in the last hours of life in Charlotteville. Due to some communication mix-up, we ended up being kicked out of our cottages a day early, and had to relocate to a hotel near the airport in Crown Point. After taking a group picture, we crowded into the cars amongst all of our luggage and set out for a long car ride. We were all very sad to leave Charlotteville because we all made many connections in the town. For two weeks, the slow paced beach neighborhood felt like home, and the busy city of Crown Point was a rude wake-up call. This sounds like a bad morning- and true, we were sad to leave our 2-week home by the beach, but we ate Subway for lunch and the new hotel had TV and air conditioning. Plus, a short walk from the hotel was a nice area with many souvenir shops. For dinner, we walked in search of an open restaurant of ethnic food, but settled with delicious pizza; a nice ending to an enjoyable fortnight in Tobago.

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