Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday May 24

This morning started with a lecture on why the tropics are so diverse followed by an afternoon hike around Bloody Bay River. We found lots of fish species and got to test his underwater camera (it takes pictures and videos and the quality is amazing!). Aaron has a good eye for herps (amphibians and reptiles) and spotted several lizards including a kind referred to as “skinks”.
After the hike it was time to start thinking about food. While local food is amazing, most students discovered it can eat up your three day allowance of 100 TT quickly (which is about $16 US). So, everyone decided to eat in. The only problem with this was that no one really knew how to cook the Mahi Mahi (called “dolphin” here on the island). While I am not going to open a five star restaurant anytime, I fancy myself a decent cook, so I taught them how to cook fish and some vegetables (which they dubbed “Cooking with Liz”). If they learn nothing else from this course, they will at least know how to make Mahi Mahi with a mango sauce and corn.
After dinner the group fractioned in half -Emily, Ben, Araon, and Alex V. played the card game Hearts and the rest moved down to the beach where they met two locals (Squeezy and Cureem). Squeezy serenaded the group with songs and guitar and both told funny stories. Sitting under thousands of stars, waves crashing at your feet, a soft breeze while guitar plays in the background- obviously we are having a rough time here ☺

A few things about the island:
1. Nicknames are common on the island (as evidences by “Squeezy”). Other examples are ‘Iceman”, “Ra-Ra” and “Tim-Tim”,
2. “Lyme” or “Lyming” is slang for hanging out. We get a lot of “Where you lyming tonight?” when we go into town.
3. A “rongotongo” is someone who is tough and won’t back down from a fight.

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