Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wednesday May 27

Today was all about ecological succession and the process of how forests change as they age. We made a second trip back to the National Forest Reserve and performed our first hands-on experiment as a group. Essentially (trying not to give too much boring science stuff here) we examined bird and plant diversity as well as temperature/humidity/wind speed moving from the edge of the forest into the middle. The hike was more challenging than the others we have done, and at least for me, I thought that made it more fun. Unlike the last trip into this forest, no one was waiting for us when we emerged to give us ice cream.
I wish I had something exciting to report for Wednesday night, but nothing really occurred. There was talk of making a bonfire, but the students have their first quiz tomorrow and everyone is studying so nothing is happening. Dr. L and I made some red snapper with peppers and tomatoes for dinner and will soon finish the quiz for tomorrow.

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