Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whitney Guest Blogging for Saturday June 6

Today was my favorite day since we arrived! We all got up early and drove up to the Asa Wright Nature Center to bird watch. We got there around seven twenty and went out onto this big veranda over looking Arima Valley. Larkin and I counted a total of fourteen different species of birds that we saw just in that one sitting. My personal favorite was the Green Honeycreeper. It was bright turquoise! I also really liked the blue gray tanagers, which are a light Carolina blue color. Around nine we got a guide and walked down into the rainforest on one of the nature center’s hiking paths. Our wonderful guide’s name was Mollie. She was awesome. We saw a lot of neat things on the hike but my favorites were the mating leks and dances of two different species of Manakin. Also, Aaron, Trip, Ben, Liz, and myself all ate termites!!! They taste like really potent carrots. After our hike our guest for the day Nicola joined us! Upon arriving home we all ate and then Heidi and I decided to lay in the front lawn and try to get some sun. It was sunny for a little while but we mostly ended up laying in the rain, but it felt very refreshing so we stuck it out rather than going inside. For our afternoon session we went back up to Asa Wright and did another hike. We hiked down to the Arima River, spotting frogs and flowers, and birds along the way. After our hike we all went in a fresh water pool for a dip! We rounded out our day with a hardy meal of hot dogs, baked beans, and watermelon. Ben attempted to shoot a watermelon seed out the door of our cabin… he failed but overall our day was a success! : )

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